SBM Gramin GOs/Circulars/Guidelines

Serial No. Document NameUPLOADED DATE (DD/MM/YYYY)
48 Letter on review meeting with all DWSC Consultants on 18.12.2019 at Vijayawada 13/12/2019
47 Letter on Video Conference on 10.12.2019 at 2.00 PM to 3.00 PM 09/12/2019
46 Letter on Construction of LOB and NOLB toilets within the stipulated timeliness 09/12/2019
45 Revised Letter on Swachhata Radhas camapign for 2 months 23/11/2019
44 Letter on Capacity Building for Field Trainers (FTs) in consultation with UNICEF 22/11/2019
43 Letter on Swachhata Darpan III extension upto 31st Dec 2019 20/11/2019
42 Letter on World Toilet Day 2019 17/11/2019
41 Letter on Swachh Radhas campaign from 10th November 2019 to 9th January 2020 06/11/2019
40 Letter on construction of CSCs near SC ST habitations by 31st Dec 2019 17/10/2019
39 Letter on draft rules titled the lead stabilizer in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes and fitting rules 16/10/2019
38 Letter on advisory for adoption of non-coercive approach 14/10/2019
37 Letter on composite instructions for plastic waste related to SHS 2019 28/09/2019
36 Letter on National Annual Rural Sanitation Survey (NARSS) – Round 3 25/09/2019
35 Letter on one day workshop on liquid waste management on 04.10.2019 25/09/2019
34 Letter to stop the further procurement of SWM assets in all the districts 24/09/2019
33 Letter on Swachha Andhra Awards 2019 16/09/2019
32 Letter on action plan for ODF Sustainability & ODF Plus activities 19/09/2019
31 Letter on capturing the plastic waste collected and Other activities taken during the SHS 2019 17/09/2019
30 Letter on ensuring the construction of toilets under SBM(G) as per the design communicated by MoDWS 10/09/2019
29 Letter on celebrating the September month as Poshan Maah 10/09/2019
28 Letter on Universal Sanitation Coverage 10/09/2019
27 Letter on Swachhata Hi Seva (Plastic Waste Free Campaign) 2019 10/09/2019
26 Letter on revised parameters for Swachhata Darapara III 31/08/2019
25 Letter on nominations for the Swachhta Hi Seva programme 26/08/2019
24 Letter on ODF Sustainability workshop on 26th August 2019 at Vijayawada 22/08/2019
23 Letter on Swachh Survekshan Gramin 2019 along with brochure, Frame work & Ranking Protocol 16/08/2019
21 Letter on nominations of one Swachhgrahi for Swachh Bharath Diwas Programme 09/08/2019
20 Letter on roll out for Social Audit under SBM(G) 07/08/2019
19 Letter on construction of CSCs in Villages with predominant SC and ST habitations 06/08/2019
18 Letter on extension of IEC (4+1) campaign 03/08/2019
17 letter on Swachh Survekshan Gramin 2019 29/07/2019
16 letter on instructions to take up IEC 4+1 activities in the districts 23/07/2019
15 letter on updation of additional information of panchayat special officers in D42 module 17/07/2019
14 letter on furnishing the details of R&R beneficiaries uploaded under LOB HHs 17/07/2019
13 Letter on completion of balance physical and financial entries of LOB HHS in IMIS website 12/07/2019
12 letter on discharge of committed liabilities on account of incentive payment for IHHLs 11/07/2019
11 Letter on role of Swachhgrahis for Jal Shakthi Abhiyan Programme 10/07/2019
10 Letter on IEC (4+1) activities implemented in the districts (remainder) 08/07/2019
9 Letter on instructions for extension of MRCs in all the Districts 06/07/2019
8 user manual for geo tagging of IEC 4+1 Collaterals and ODF plus baseline survey 29/06/2019
7 User Manual for IEC 4+1 Collateral & ODF Plus Base line geo tagging 29/06/2019
6 Letter on Swachh Mahotsav Programme 29/06/2019
5 Letter on updation of Swachhgrahis data in IMIS website 29/06/2019
4 Letter on updation of Divyang toilets in IMIS website 07/06/2019
3 Letter on furnishing the details shared/access to community toilets in prescribed format 03/06/2019
2 Letter on entry of balance LOB HHS in IMIS website 03/06/2019
1 Letter on Swachhata Darpan-III 03/06/2019
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